Trump: 1 Year In, Feat: Bill Kristol, Henry Olsen

February 5, 2018

Season 2, Episode 1: In partnership with Adam Smith Society - a project of the Manhattan Institute - Kov, Mumma, and Schneids sit with Bill Kristol (Founder, Editor-at-Large of the Weekly Standard) and Henry Olsen (Sr. Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center) in front of a live audience to discuss "Trump: 1 Year In". We discuss the successes and failures of Trump's first year in office, as well as the immense polarization in today's political climate. Is the US ripe for centrist candidates in future elections as the gap between the left and right ideologies widens? Take a listen...

0:00 - 1:55 -- Intro to S2Ep1

1:56 - 3:35 -- Lead-in to Discussion

3:36 - 29:56 -- Today's Political Climate; Polarization of the Two-Party System

29:57 - 54:52 -- Audience Questions

54:53 - 55:50 -- Closing Remarks