Following the Removal of Robert E. Lee Statue, Feat: Mike Schoenfeld

December 22, 2017

There have been sensitivities around the removal of statues and monuments from meaningful destinations, and the removal of Robert E. Lee from the portico of the Duke University Chapel following the events in Charlottesville, VA was no exception. Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations at Duke University, Mike Schoenfeld, joined tndc in studio to discuss the high-intensity environment in which the decision to remove the statue was made. Mr. Schoenfeld is also the spokesperson for the Commission on Memory and History at Duke University, a team formed after the statue was removed, and charged with proposing procedures for the future handling of such situations.

0:00 - 2:28 -- Intro to Episode 8

2:29 - 2:56 -- Lead-in to Interview

2:57 - 20:17 -- Selection of the Statues; Events Leading Up to Decision

20:18 - 34:46 -- Charge of the Commission; Make-up of the Team

34:47 - 46:07 -- Outcomes and Future Implications; Closing Remarks

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